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The justices may take some time to decide on what to do. Rather, Dist. Cyrus Vance Jr. The grand jury operates under a rule of confidentiality. During the campaign, Trump once famously said he was so popular among his base that he could shot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose support.

Trump asks Supreme Court to block subpoena for tax returns - CNNPolitics

In the filing Thursday, Consovoy said the court should decide whether the New York subpoena violates the Constitution. He said the subpoena essentially targeted Trump for criminal charges, even though it was sent as a request for documents to his accountants.

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That the grand jury subpoena was issued to a third-party custodian does not alter the calculus. If it did, every local prosecutor in the country could easily circumvent presidential immunity. A federal district judge and a three-judge panel of the U. The judges pointed out that beginning with Thomas Jefferson in , presidents have been required to respond to court orders seeking documents.

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In the most famous case, President Nixon was required by the Supreme Court in a unanimous decision to turn over to prosecutors his White House tape recordings. President Clinton was required to answer questions under oath in response to a civil suit over a sexual harassment claim. He too had suffered unanimous defeat at the Supreme Court in when he sought to claim temporary immunity while in office.

Justice Department lawyers have long maintained that the president is not subject to criminal prosecution while in office. The Supreme Court has not ruled directly on that issue. Vance raised a narrow issue. The House Oversight Committee has broad investigating authority.

Elijah E. Trump sued to block the subpoena, but lost before a federal judge and the D. Circuit Court of Appeals last month. Appeals court Judges David S. Tatel and Patricia A. They said Congress has always had broad power to investigate because these probes often reveal the need for new legislation.

What the IRS doesn’t tell you about self-employment taxes

House Democrats were exploring for the need for new ethics and disclosure laws, they said. She has pithy comebacks slipped into precisely worded dissents , superhuman strength she can do plus pushups , and an instantly recognizable getup black robe, lacy collar, scrunchie. Now On the Basis of Sex , a Ginsburg biopic starring Felicity Jones as Ginsburg and Armie Hammer as her husband, Martin, is hitting theaters on Christmas Day with the aim of bringing to light her early legal career for those who might not know much about it.

Commissioner of Internal Revenue. She met Marty, a chemistry major, at Cornell, and the couple decided to enter the same field. There were only eight other women in her class. While Marty received treatment for testicular cancer in , Ruth took on his coursework as well; when he landed a job in New York, she transferred to Columbia Law School. Along the way, she shattered glass ceilings and racked up accolades: first person to be a member of both the Harvard and Columbia Law Reviews, tied for first in her class at Columbia.

In , Ginsburg obliged and studied up accordingly. The Equal Pay Act, passed in , was the first piece of federal legislation to prohibit sex-based discrimination. Moritz changed that. In the movie, the scene plays out in the same way the Ginsburgs have recounted it : in the fall of , the couple was working in separate rooms in their house when Marty stumbled upon a tax court case and presented it to his wife.

But she read this one. A Denver bachelor named Charles Moritz, whose job in publishing required frequent travel, had represented himself in tax court and lost. It was a perfect test case. Marty worked to persuade Moritz to appeal and commit to taking the case to court to set a precedent even if the government offered to settle which it did.

It was the first time a provision of the Internal Revenue Code had been declared unconstitutional. In reality, another case set that precedent first as the 10th District dawdled: Reed v. Magazine cofounder Brenda Feigen. Moritz also, unexpectedly, gave her a blueprint for the lawsuits the WRP would use to incrementally strengthen the legal case against gender-based discrimination.

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Griswold pointed out that the Moritz ruling put hundreds of statutes on unsteady legal footing—and he attached a computer-generated list, enumerating the laws in question. From there, the story charts a familiar course; Ginsburg went on to argue six gender-discrimination cases before the Supreme Court, winning all but one. She was appointed to the D. Circuit Court of Appeals in and the Supreme Court in , where she writes crackling dissents defending reproductive autonomy and affirmative action.

The metaphor, while on-the-nose, is apt. She would try to educate, she would not be confrontational or emotional, but she would try to bring the judges along to see the injustice of men not being able to get a benefit that women in comparable situations could get.

Ginsburg was, however, the first person to be on both the Columbia and Harvard Law Reviews. The story has been edited to correct that fact. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Policy , Terms of Use Sign up.

The True Story of the Case Ruth Bader Ginsburg Argues in ‘On the Basis of Sex’

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