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Skinny Kitty Investing. 4 likes. Stock Investing for the Average Person.
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Retrieved January 19, Retrieved February 5, Retrieved February 8, Retrieved February 17, Retrieved February 22, Retrieved February 29, That high-quality focus has been a disadvantage as credit-sensitive bonds have outperformed, and it could also prove to be a drag for the F fund in a rising-rate environment, as the Aggregate Index it tracks has a longer duration than the typical actively managed intermediate-term bond fund today.

But it's worth nothing that the G fund and the Aggregate Index the F fund have given TSP investors strong protection in equity-market sell-offs. In , for example, the TSP's L target-date funds all outperformed their mutual fund category counterparts, in some cases by large margins. L Fund Review Indeed, the L funds provide a useful lens to assess the TSP lineup's considerable attractions, as well as its potential drawbacks.

In general, the L funds' equity allocations are not far from, but generally lighter than, their mutual fund peers in various target-date categories.

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Investors using an L fund and who also have a pension or other stable source of retirement income may want to augment their L holdings with additional equity exposure, either inside or outside of the TSP. The complexion of the L funds' non-equity portfolios is even more noteworthy. All of the funds heavily emphasize the G fund, which provides stability and a yield in line with intermediate-term government bonds, over the F fund, which tracks the Aggregate Index. Those biases have influenced performance. Because G guarantees stability of principal, that also means that it cannot benefit when yields trend down; from that standpoint, emphasizing G has put the L funds at a disadvantage alongside target-date products that have benefited from declining yields.

Because it's both lighter on equities than other retirement-income funds and also heavy on G exposure, the L Income fund is the only TSP L fund to have underperformed its peers over every longer-term trailing period through December Of course, G is apt to prove its mettle in a rising-yield environment, both benefiting from rising yields and keeping principal stable.

The longer-dated L funds look much better on the performance front relative to their mutual fund category peers. Question: Can I use a human hairbrush on my cat?

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