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*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 'Manifesting & Beyond (The Design Continues)' gives further insight into the workings of "How to Get What You Want.
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The Dawn of the Raven episode 8! Susan is Currently Reading. Susan James is currently reading. This occurs because large quantum systems, like our bodies, generally interact strongly with their environment, causing a process of decoherence, which destroys the system's quantum properties.

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However, I believe this limitation can be overcome. Intention is an informational input process that has been demonstrated to be non-local. It can be very precise in what is targeted.

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For example, the cell is the unit of life -- the simplest form of life. Each human has about trillion cells. Hence, the body can be considered a community of cells that communicate with one another. We have tremendous control over all aspects of our bodies via our intention. The most spectacular demonstration has been biofeedback studies of voluntary control of single nerve cells via intention. Each pulse of the single-motor-unit firing was heard on a loudspeaker as a thump.

People found that they could manufacture doublets, triplets, and drum rolls at will Green, , Basmajian, , Recall that we are interacting with the domain of unbounded potential, the Absolute, which is both the source and part of the entangled "oneness. As discussed above, intention alters the degree of entanglement! It is important to remember that we can control what we request via our intentions.

However, since we are interacting with the "oneness" of the Absolute, we do not control the response.

We must "surrender" or just "let go" to allow the response to manifest. In fact we can't define the timing or the means the response will take. In addition we can't demand a given outcome. Participating in a PK psychokinesis Party, often called spoon or metal bending parties, will convince you of the power of intention Houck, ; Quevedo, When you bend a three eights inch metal rod into a knot, take it home, and the next day can't straighten it with all your strength, you appreciate the power of intention.

One of the things we learn when conducting a metal spoon bending party is that one must let go of one's intention to bend.

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For example, if you hold onto the blueprints for a project and never turn them over to the construction team -- nothing would get built. One's belief system represents a system design constraint. The belief system can be represented by the frequency bands that you are capable of accessing. This is where you are placing your attention as you turn the channel selector.

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Now you wish to hear a particular program. This is your intention as you change the "gain" control via your emotions. However, the reception may be poor, you must have an antenna which corresponds to the sincerity behind your intention Gough, Science has demonstrated that there is a physical effect in your body, including your brain, when you try to lie or deceive.

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  • Most people are familiar with the polygraph or "lie detector" used by law enforcement. However, now neurophysiological difference between deception and truth can be detected by scientists using functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI of the brain. Another related technique called magnetic-resonance spectroscopy is also being developed. Your body knows when you are lying and is broadcasting that knowledge. This is the basis for the increasingly sophisticated technology being developed to detect lying Silberman, ; Restak, There exists some very important research that supports the concept that you cannot fool the Absolute since it constitutes an interconnected whole of which you are a part.

    Cleve Backster, has pursued detection of biocommunication between cells for forty years, a process that he calls primary perception.

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    Studies were done on various plants; brine shrimp; non-fertile chicken eggs; E. Coli bacteria; bacteria present in plain yogurt; bacteria from an aquarium; in vitro animal cells; in vitro human white blood cells oral leukocytes ; human spermatozoa; and human whole blood. Distance seemed to impose no limitations to communication between cells. This research has clearly indicated the importance of spontaneity and sincere intention. Both plants and human cells appear to discriminate between a thought that you do not really mean and a thought that is "for real.

    Bob Shacklett, Dr. Dean Brown and I put forth predicts that all cells are linked to a non-local spaceless-timeless continuum that we have called the Absolute. The cells therefore can access the wisdom of the interconnected web of the whole. It appears that in manifestations the universe follows the Law of Least Action -- the simplest way to accomplish the objective. This principle dates back to Hero of Alexandria in B.

    In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, physicists put the principle on a firm mathematical footing. It underlies modern physics. Because there are so many variables, you can't even predict how a specific request for manifestation will emerge. But the Least Action Principle will apply -- Nature always operates upon this principle of maximum economy.

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    For example, I had a college classmate who described a scheduled operation for a cancer in his back. A group of us started a long-distance healing intervention, and he was responsible for releasing his belief that an operation was necessary and having a second x-ray before the scheduled operation. On the day of the operation he arrives late at the hospital, a different doctor using a different x-ray machine checks his back, the new doctor concludes that it's not cancer but a fungus, calls his surgeon and the operation is canceled. In manifestations you never know for sure what will happen.

    Events occur that could be explained in many ways. Was it the use of a better x-ray machine? Was it the different doctor who was able to read the x-ray more accurately? Had the "cancer" never existed or had it been changed via the healing? If the patient hadn't been late would his original doctor have noted the difference -- or would his belief in his original diagnoses been so strong that an operation would have occurred?

    The important point is that the end result of this particular manifestation was the one that was desired. We appear to live in a holographic universe Talbot, In effect we are living in a holographic field -- an interconnected web of the "whole. This is why fractals can model the physical world so well and are now used to create Nature scenes in motion pictures.

    It is also why in manifestation there is no scale. In principle there is no easier or harder task or no smaller or bigger job. However, any intention is working with the "whole. Today most people think they cannot find a spot. Thus, there is little resistance within the "whole" unless doubt creeps into your thoughts. Sometimes your intentions for a specific outcome will interact with the intentions of many other people.

    When there is coherence among these intentions the power of your intention to manifest is enhanced. However, coherence is lost when the direction of an intention interacts with opposing intentions of others.

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    Resistance is encountered. What manifests will depend upon the balance of strengths of intentions -- their clarity, sincerity and hence power. We are all collectively contributing to our common reality both consciously and unconsciously McTaggart, ; Gough, editorials Apr. First, imagine you have already received the desired request. Just unite with what you want and claim the new reality. You are not begging or hoping. You just see the process as already completed. Second, be wholeheartedly behind the vision. This means that it must be a sincere request. However, you also must be very clear and precise.

    There is the story of a man who visualized a pink Cadillac parked in his driveway.

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    It was a very sincere request. One day he returned early from his office and saw the pink Cadillac in the driveway. He excitedly ran into the house to tell his wife.