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The mission of the FTE is to introduce young individuals, selected for their leadership potential, to an economic way of thinking about national and international issues, and to promote excellence in economic education by helping teachers of economics become more effective educators.

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The curriculum materials — including background outlines for teachers and classroom-ready simulations and activities to engage students — support the teaching of critical thinking skills by equipping students with the tools of the economic reasoning. People choose, and individual choices are the source of social outcomes. Scarcity necessitates choices: not all of our desires can be satisfied.

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People make these choices based on their perceptions of the expected costs and benefits of the alternatives. Choices impose costs; people receive benefits and incur costs when they make decisions.

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The cost of a choice is the value of the next-best alternative foregone, measurable in time or money or some alternative activity given up. People respond to incentives in predictable ways. Choices are influenced by incentives, the rewards that encourage and the punishments that discourage actions.

The Jungle

When incentives change, behavior changes in predictable ways. These basic institutions controlling behavior set out and establish the incentive structure and the basic design of the economic system.

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  • Understanding based on knowledge and evidence imparts value to opinions. Opinions matter and are of equal value at the ballot box.

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    Fully-prepared lesson packs with plans, slides and a range of resources Detailed and differentiated, created by experienced primary teachers Plan less, enjoy more with ready-to-teach and instantly-downloadable packs. Home Let's go to the jungle: Central and Southern India. Let's go to the jungle: Central and Southern India.

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    View description Trustpilot. Children will discover why the jungle undergrowth is able to grow so thick and tangled, then find out about some of the plants and animals found in Indian forests neighbouring the savannah. After that, it's up to you!


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    There's a choice of engaging, differentiated activities where children can use geographical vocabulary and demonstrate what they've learned and understood so far. Add to Wishlist Email me for a reminder.

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