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Cooney frequently praised Henson's work, and PBS called him "the spark that ignited our fledgling broadcast service. Henson was also involved in producing various shows and animation inserts during the first two seasons.

He produced a series of counting films for the numbers 1 through 10 which always ended with a baker voiced by Henson falling down the stairs while carrying the featured number of desserts. He also worked on a variety of inserts for the numbers 2 through 12, including the films "Dollhouse", "Number Three Ball Film", the stop-motions "King of Eight", "Queen of Six", the cut-out animation "Eleven Cheer", and the computer animation "Nobody Counts To 10".

He also directed the original " C Is For Cookie " and Tales from Muppetland , a short series of TV movie specials that were comic retellings of classic fairy tales aimed at a young audience and hosted by Kermit the Frog. The series included Hey, Cinderella! Henson, Oz, and his team were concerned that the company was becoming typecast solely as purveyors of children's entertainment, so they targeted an adult audience with a series of sketches on the first season of the late-night live television variety show Saturday Night Live.

Henson liked Lorne Michaels ' work and wanted to be a part of it, but he ultimately concluded that "what we were trying to do and what his writers could write for it never gelled". Henson began developing a Broadway show and a weekly television series both featuring the Muppets.

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Then Henson pitched the show to British impresario Lew Grade to finance the show. The show would be shot in the United Kingdom and syndicated worldwide. The show featured Kermit as host and a variety of other characters, notably Miss Piggy , Gonzo the Great , and Fozzie Bear , along with other characters such as Animal. Henson's teammates sometimes compared his role to that of Kermit: a shy, gentle boss with "a whim of steel" [20] who ran things like "an explosion in a mattress factory.

The Muppets appeared in their first theatrical feature film The Muppet Movie in The Henson-directed The Great Muppet Caper followed, and Henson decided to end the Muppet Show to concentrate on making films, [6] though the Muppet characters continued to appear in TV movies and specials.

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Henson also aided others in their work. The producers of The Empire Strikes Back asked him to aid make-up artist Stuart Freeborn in the creation and articulation of Yoda. Around that time, he began creating darker and more realistic fantasy films that did not feature the Muppets and displayed "a growing, brooding interest in mortality. Henson continued creating children's television, such as Fraggle Rock and the animated Muppet Babies. He also continued to address darker, more mature themes with the folk tale and mythology oriented show The Storyteller , which won an Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program.

It was critically well-received and won him another Emmy for Outstanding Directing in a Variety or Music Program, but it was canceled after 13 episodes due to low ratings. Henson blamed its failure on NBC's constant rescheduling. Henson married Jane Nebel in , and their children are Lisa b. He disclosed to his publicist that he was tired and had a sore throat, but he felt that it would soon go away.

He then traveled to Ahoskie, North Carolina , with his daughter Cheryl to visit his father and stepmother. They returned to their home in New York City the following day, and Henson cancelled a Muppet recording session that had been scheduled for May Henson was having trouble breathing when he woke up at around a.

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He suggested to his wife that he might be dying, but he did not want to take time off from his schedule to visit a hospital. Two hours later, he agreed to be taken by taxi to the emergency room at New York Hospital in Manhattan. Shortly after admission, he stopped breathing and was rushed into the intensive care unit. X-ray images taken of his chest revealed that he had multiple abscesses in both of his lungs as a result of a previous bacterial infection. He was placed on a ventilator but he quickly deteriorated over the next several hours despite increasingly aggressive treatment with multiple antibiotics.

David Gelmont announced that Henson had died from Streptococcus pneumoniae , an infection that causes bacterial pneumonia. Many of Henson's co-stars and directors from Sesame Street , the Muppets, and other works also shared their thoughts on his death. John the Divine. Harry Belafonte sang "Turn the World Around", a song that he had debuted on The Muppet Show , as each member of the congregation waved a brightly colored foam butterfly attached to a puppet performer's rod.

Jim Henson's Creature Shop also continues to create characters and special effects for both Henson-related and outside projects. Steve Whitmire , who had joined the Muppets cast in , began performing Kermit the Frog six months after Henson's death. Sesame Workshop acquired the Sesame Street characters in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Greenville, Mississippi , U. Puppeteer animator cartoonist actor inventor filmmaker screenwriter. Jane Nebel m. Main article: Sesame Street.

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Archived from the original on October 17, Retrieved November 5, Archived from the original on November 3, September 11, American Film. American Film Institute. November He was always accompanied by Henry, his staff topped with a skull. The audience will be dancing in the aisles. This album is the outcome of an encounter of two musicians so distant and yet so inexorably close. Those holding the reins of this visionary journey between jazz and pop, America and Italy, dream and lyricism are, without doubt, the two artists: Chiara, with her warm, Mediterranean voice and Kevin, one of the most celebrated and admired pianists and composers on the American jazz scene.

Jim will be remembered as being the most genuine, loving, funny, sweet, and most giving person that we ever had the pleasure of meeting. When he passed he was being held by his wife and his loving family. His boys will always be reminded that he did everything 54 chemo treatments included to be here with them because there was nowhere else he would rather be. We will never be the same and he will be deeply missed, but he lives on in all of the lives he touched.

Jim will be remembered as a fun and caring uncle by his 11 nieces and nephews and 1 great niece. Jim was very loved by his many aunts, uncles, and cousins. Jim's life and love will also be carried on by his many wonderful friends. Jim was preceded in death by his maternal and paternal grandparents. Owen Dr. Kenneth J. Fiedler presiding. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Cat and the boys through their donation account at UW Credit Union, or donations can be made in Jim's memory to the Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation, whose mission is to find the cure for colon cancer.

Our family would like to thank the caring staff at Dean Hematology and Oncology- specifically Dr. I regret nothing because everything I did made me who I am. I'm proud of the family I came from. I'm proud of the people I call friends.

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I was lucky enough to meet my soulmate and have her family become my family. Most of all, I'm so proud of my boys and I love them more than air. Buy Gift Now. I am so sorry to hear of Jim's passing. I worked with him when I first moved to Madison and he was one of the most dedicated and hardest working humans I have ever met!

Many prayers to his family during this difficult time! Heaven gained an angel. Bonnie and Jack Mitchell on Jan 17, We wished your parents nothing but joy and happiness. We are devastated by the sorrow and sadness you are enduring.

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  4. James P. Sullivan.
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  6. We hope that time and the love of family will heal you and allow you to take pleasure in raising your two wonderful boys. Bonnie and Jack Mitchell. So sorry for your loss of such a dearly loved husband too soon to our enemy death.

    James P. Sullivan

    May the memories made together keep close in mind and heart that soon you will be together again according to Almighty God's promise in Rev. My sincerest condolences. Catherine, Thinking of you and your darling boys. I am so very sorry for your loss. Mary Cole.