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What a season. Rejoice in his uplifting tales of what it is like to be Britain's ultimate football fan who ends the season on a huge high! You can download iBooks from the App Store. Overview Music Video Charts. Opening the iTunes Store. If iTunes doesn't open, click the iTunes application icon in your Dock or on your Windows desktop. Progress Indicator. As long as people invest time and feelings into watching us play, they are good in my eyes. Learn the club's history, read up about us, watch the team play, celebrate, love and cry with the rest of us.

Being stuck in a different country is not your fault but at the same time if you're a fan who's never been to Old Trafford to catch a match, you've been missing out on what I feel is a very intimate connection with the club and fans. It is understandable that financial restraints along with other reasons may not make a trip possible, but do try to save up and visit at least once. It'll be an experience you'll not forget. I completely agree. I'm not a million miles away from Northern Ireland but nobody is going to convince me that supporting United is purely down to the privilege of where you happened to be born or live - or in any other aspect of life for that matter.

I've been supporting United from across this little puddle for 22 years now. As a new fan, what should I be learning?

How Sir Alex Ferguson became the greatest winner in Britain

I've started following football alot in the last few months and at first I was just really interested in zlatan because he was fun to use on fifa. When he moved to united I decided to choose this as my football team. What's some events that are most important to look into?

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Wish everyone thought that,but fuck them ,i see no reason as to why i cannot support the club. American here, been called a glory hunter just because I'm an American. I grew up not liking soccer and making fun of my friends that played it. My best friend growing up was dutch and was a huge supporter of United. So as an 11 year old boy I would have been a bad friend if I didn't ridicule him for the things he liked.

He told me to give it one season and I would love it.

I am the Gloryhunter: One Man's Quest for the Ultimate Football Season

His family had satellite so we were able to watch some of the games. I lucked out that what piqued my interest in football was one of the greatest seasons United has ever had. I have been a fan since I was 11 and have been called a glory hunter by people who have been watching for the premiere league for 3 years. So I guess what I'm trying to say is there will forever be people calling any United fans glory hunters. Doesn't matter though we support the greatest club with the greatest history IMO.

Let them hate us nothing changes based on fake internet points. Why would it affect you what other people say about your reasons of being a fan rhetorical question and I know that's not answering OP's question.

I don't even see it as an issue. Everyone wants to belong and everybody has the tendency to "exclude" others from "their" group if something doesn't quite please them. It was St.

Top 5 Signs You're a GLORY HUNTER

They were undoubtedly the club with more instant potential, and while he wavered between remaining loyal to his first employers and grabbing such a swift opportunity to improve his lot, he reached out to Jock Stein for advice. The whirlwind of change showed no sign of slowing down; once appointed in Paisley, he redoubled his efforts to instil an invigorated sense of urgency at his new club by riding around the streets with a loudspeaker trying to encourage locals to come and support their side instead of passively watching on TV, or worse still, being drawn in by the inevitable pull of supporting Celtic or Rangers.

Without uprooting trees in his first two seasons, where he finished sixth both times, first in the old Second Division and again in the newly formed Second Division now the second tier of three, as opposed to just two tiers , he stamped his authority and released 18 players after his first season. Finally his methods came together as they stormed to the title by four points, scoring 91 goals in 39 matches as they returned to the top flight.

He trusted youth, making year-old Tony Fitzpatrick his captain, while reinforcing astutely by signing Jackie Copland from Dundee United. We won ! Are you not happy? He told me in no uncertain terms that he was the manager and it was his standards that counted.

Not a shock of misunderstanding, but an instant acceptance that the boss was right. The board could stomach the difficult first season back in the top flight — they escaped immediate relegation by one place — but they were finding it too much to accept the complete control he demanded over the running of the club. A board meeting convened to discuss his future, and it was decided he was out of control and should be fired.

It was said that he locked away her keys and refused to communicate with her except through an assistant. This aggressive behaviour was more than St. Mirren could handle, and they sacked the man who had re-energised the club. The year was when the situation aligned itself to suit Ferguson perfectly. At the same point when he had been made redundant, Jock Stein had accepted an offer to take over at Leeds United, making Celtic look for a replacement.

It was not a smooth transition, despite the extraordinary speed with which negotiations were concluded. Ferguson was keen to take on the challenge, but the fans were initially wary of the firebrand who was still a proud Glaswegian at heart. The two cities had never enjoyed a comfortable relationship, and around the late s the discovery of oil in the North Sea off the coast from Aberdeen had seen the city boom as the arrival of black gold heralded the arrival of industry on a scale not seen before.

I am the Gloryhunter : One Man's Quest for the Ultimate Football Season

Meanwhile, Glasgow was suffering from an economic slump, which only served to pique the rivalry. Whereas in his first two roles major restructuring of the playing staff had been essential to his success, at Aberdeen he inherited one of the most talented groups of players in the country, and minimal tweaking was needed in terms of personnel. A raw teenaged Alex McLeish was bursting to come through, year-old Jim Leighton provided backup in goal, and the year-old Steve Archibald and same-aged Gordon Strachan were two of the brightest talents around.

Sure, the Dandies were an established force north of the border, but they had only won a solitary league title in nearly 80 years of existence, and although they ventured to Hampden Park for cup finals, they invariably crumbled to the inevitably Glaswegian opponent.

See a Problem?

He wanted fighters, aggressive but confident men who could topple the sickening hegemony of the long-established order. Renowned author, broadcaster and journalist Graham Hunter grew up supporting Aberdeen, and he explained natural tactics Ferguson employed. I had my own way of doing things … so when Fergie kept referring to how St. Eventually I pointed it out to him. He was pretty rash when he came into Aberdeen.

He was only He was abrasive; he spoke his mind. After a couple of months of increasing tension, he called a team meeting on the pitch before training and opened the floor to his squad.

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  • It was a rare moment in his career where he allowed free discussion in front of the whole squad, and grievances flowed forth. It was a crucial moment in the development of Ferguson the man manager; as Miller pointed out, he was still a young man, but even he realised the need to acknowledge the influence of others such as his captain, even if he did not bend entirely to his will.

    The first season was a struggle on many levels for Ferguson, but it forced him to steel his will even further. His departure from St. Mirren had left a sour taste as he was pursuing a tribunal case against the club for unfair dismissal, with the hearing spread over four days in November and December.